Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Insanity of War


Wars are begun by those too old to fight
Who find reasons among themselves for war
Reasons not unlike those
For waging previous wars
The same but on a large scale
With more at risk

To repeat actions that have failed
Expecting better results
Defines insanity

Wars are begun by those too old to fight
But they don't pay the real price of their war
They extract that price
From those too young to die
The full price
All they have
Their lives

And when that price is paid
What is there to show for it
But blood in the dust of some foreign land

This is insanity

Troy Parker Farr


  1. Great poem. It's worth noting, too, that "those too old to fight" are often avoiding sending their own children to the fight, too.

  2. I agree, but that's another poem. I haven't written that one yet, but will.

  3. You are inspiring! I have tagged you.
    If you are interested in responding to a meme, the rules are on my blog. In any case I will keep reading your poetry.