Thursday, November 8, 2007

Impeachment is a Remedy, Not a Punishment

Impeachment is a tool given to us by the founders of our country with which to stop imperial ambitions of presidents who believe that the executive branch deserves more power than the legislative or judicial branches of our government. Even though impeachment may fall on an individual president or vice-president in a form that seems like a punishment, the real purpose is to stop their actions, preserve our democracy, and maintain the balance of power between the three branches of government.

It should not be seen as vengeful, but as a necessary remedy when presidents overstep the bounds of their presidencies. Otherwise, the actions of imperially minded presidents and/or vice-presidents, will serve as precedent to future occupiers of the White House, who may like wielding this unchecked power.

Impeachment is the only tool we have to prevent the office of the presidency, or any other office, from growing more powerful than it was meant to be. It is what keeps the people from being helpless in the face of tyranny or despotism. This growth of power comes about so slowly that people at first do not notice, but finally, when more and more rights and liberties are lost, they begin to look for a way to redress their grievances.

Impeachment is for stopping serious abuses of power. Impeachment is a tool, and it is the one given to us by the constitution. It is our responsibility as citizens to demand that our representatives in congress take action on our behalf when impeachment has become an appropriate remedy to use.