Monday, April 7, 2008


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Here's another bird I couldn't resist. I will soon be writing a blog about birds, and will make an attempt to tie together all my miscellaneous bird pictures.
I find birds endlessly fascinating. Even the Turkey Vulture, whom I used to dislike, now entrances me. He has such an interesting personality. Turkey Vultures are not aggressive, they are generous to each other, they like to play together in the wind currents, and often, when rescued by humans, they bond to them and will follow them around like a dog. One in California that was rescued when it was tiny, bonded with people even though its rescuers tried to prevent that. It was released it into the wild, but ended up in a parking lot following people around, so its rescuers had to take it back, concluding that it didn't qualify for release. In my mind's eye I could see this poor bird trying unsuccessfully to find a buddy in the parking lot.
Turkey Vultures are ugly, its true, but beautiful in other ways. They are beautiful when they fly, floating on the air currents without flapping their wings. Plus, they do a clean up job that none of the rest of us would want to do, a job that benefits us all.